1- Payment using PayPal

You can use PayPal to pay your goods. Is the easiest and secure way to do your  online transactions. During your order we will provide you the payment guidelines in the easiest and fastest way.

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2- Credit Card Payment:

You can  pay using your credit card using our secure platform without any additional charge.

3- Transference / deposit  payment on bank account:

Wen you make a order you will receive with the confirmation of the operation an directions to do the deposit – transference to our bank account:

Bank: La Caixa (CaixaBank)

Account Number (IBAN): 2100 – 0354 – 13 – 0100833934

Recipient’s bank account: JNSERRET

Wen we receive the payment (often between 24 / 48 hours) we will process the order. With the deposit you need to put your name (the same of the order) and order reference number  (the order reference number appears on the first confirmation mail that we send).

For any doubt don’t hesitate to contact with us!